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Candidate Resources

If you’re thinking about a career at ConAgra Foods, we want you to have the information you need to make an informed decision. Here, you’ll find an extensive library of materials that outline our organization, our career related opportunities, and where ConAgra Foods is going.

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Recruiting Brochure

College Recruiting Brochure 

Find your place at ConAgra Foods where you can be a part of making the food you love.

Experienced Hire Recruiting

Experienced Hire Recruiting Brochure  

Looking to expand your career? Find out what we have in store.

Programs Offered

Programs Offered  

Check out the programs we offer that can bring your career to new heights.

Career Fairs Schedule

Career Fairs Schedule 

See when ConAgra Foods will be recruiting at a career event near you.

Benefits at a Glance

Benefits at a Glance 

You'll have a lot to offer us as a new employee. See what we have to offer you!

Culture & Inclusion

Culture & Inclusion

Discover how ConAgra Foods values the diverse experiences, backgrounds, and ideas you bring.

2012 Citizenship Report

Citizenship Report

Explore the initiatives and programs we’ve put in place to give back.

Location Map

Locations Map

Explore where our offices are located in the US, Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe.

Find Your Career

Explore job opportunities using the keyword search.

To view all our current openings, simply click view all US jobs.

To learn more about ConAgra Foods Canada including benefits, culture, leadership and current job opportunities, visit our Canada website.

Pour en savoir davantage au sujet d’Aliments ConAgra Canada, notamment les avantages sociaux, la culture d’entreprise, la direction et les offres d’emploi, visitez notre site canadien.